Appirio officially unifies CloudSpokes and topcoder

The crowdsourced development community represents close to 608,000 developers with skills in cloud integration, mobile applications, data science solutions -- and beyond.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

Barely four months after its acquisition of topcoder, cloud integration consultant Appirio has merged the development community with CloudSpokes and relaunched the unified organization under the topcoder brand. Together, the site represents almost 608,000 members that are focused on crowdsourced applications and cloud services development.

"We're proud that the unified community helped design and build the new site," said Narinder Singh, president of topcoder and chief strategy office at Appirio, in a statement about unification. "We will continue to expand what members can do with topcoder and will build out more customer-facing technology capabilities. We'll also be making investments in programs that help programs that help improve the state of design, development and data science."

(Incidentally, the logo that appears with this post and that appears on the new site was also developed by the community.)

Appirio has committed to investing in the topcoder community throughout 2014, adding a new HTLM5 Arena, launching new development challenges, adding more features for testing and measuring technical skills, and extending its expertise in "data science problems."

As before, topcoder will be focused on providing crowdsourced project expertise and development for businesses that need cloud designers, developers and data scientists. Some of its named customers include Comcast, Ferguson, Harvard University, and NASA.  

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