Appirio surveys Dreamforce attendees about mobile, social

The big theme at Dreamforce this year is integrating social media into the enterprise world and also on mobile devices. But how many companies are actually making the jump?
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Throughout Dreamforce 2011, Salesforce.com's major annual conference in San Francisco, there has been a lot of talk about getting enterprises on board with social media and developing for the mobile spectrum -- not only to serve customers but employees as well.

But just as we know already with cloud computing, this is just the beginning for these platforms. Not everyone is ready or has made the jump yet.

Appirio, which specializes in accelerating enterprise cloud adoption, surveyed Dreamforce attendees at random over the course of this week about these topics. Let's take a look at some of the highlights from the survey.


  • 50 percent of those surveyed have mobile email and calendar access
  • 36 percent don’t use iPads at work
  • 35 percent said it’s too difficult to work without a keyboard
  • 14 percent can’t access work information on a phone


  • 42 percent of respondents defined the social enterprise as "engaging" and are marketing to customers on public social networks
  • 19 percent said it was making internal processes social
  • 38 percent named Chatter as the most-used social app at work. Facebook and LinkedIn came in second and third, respectively.
  • When asked what other app they'd like to see Chatter integrated with, 67 percent replied another social app like LinkedIn or Facebook, and 24 percent said email.

Appirio also found that based on a scale of one (anti-social) to five (very social), almost half of the respondents ranked their companies somewhere in the middle. Yet no one has claimed to be a five.

To see and hear more responses from the show floor, check out Appirio's videos below:


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