Apple iPhone OS 3.0 preview event - Live!

Apple's iPhone OS 3.0 preview event kicked off at 1pm EDT/10am PDT. Here are the highlights ...
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor
Apple's iPhone OS 3.0 preview event kicked off at 1pm EDT/10am PDT.

Here are the highlights (updated live as announcements are made):

  • Greg Joswiak, VP of iPhone and iPod Marketing, takes the stage ...
  • iPhone now in 80 countries , up from 70 last year.
  • Apple set aggressive goal of 10 million iPhones by end of last year, sold 13.7 million.
  • Combined with iPod touch, more than 30 million sold (that means that the iPod touch outsells the iPhone).
  • SDK downloaded 800,000 times, 50,000 companies and individuals in the dev program.
  • Gameloft saw 2 million paid downloads in a few months.
  • iPhone offers a "level playing field" for getting apps in front of customers.
  • Over 25,000 apps, approval rating for apps into the App Store is 96% (put another way, 4% of apps are rejected).
  • Scott Forstall, VP for iPhone Software, takes stage.
  • "Our goal was to make devs successful, we gave them the best tools ever. It blew us away what they did."
  • Spent a year making SDK better.
  • 1,000 new APIs.
  • 800 million App Store downloads.
  • No change to 70/30 dev/Apple revenue split.
  • Adding support for subscriptions for ebook readers and magazine apps. This will be called In-App Purchase but will only apply to paid apps.
  • Expect to see "Would you like to purchase" pop-ups appearing in apps soon. Whole thing steamlined and just as easy as buying a song.
  • Support for peer-to-peer connectivity. Games would be a good example of how to use this. Means you could game together wirelessly over Bluetooth.
  • Features automatic discovery, no pairing. Hmmm, no Bluetooth on current iPod touch ... guess that could change now.
  • Will offer support to accessory developers to write custom apps that communicate with hardware. Examples are FM transmitter and medical devices (Apple seems eager to get the iPhone into medical circles).
  • Maps now accessible via API. Allows devs to embed maps in apps rather than jumping out to Google Maps app.
  • Core Location now supports turn-by-turn directions. At last!
  • Push notification support.  "We know we're late on this one."
  • "Lots of devs came to us and talked about using Push in ways that we hadn't even considered. So we had to re-architect the server structure. Now, we're good to go."
  • No background processing - bad for customers. Kills battery life. Hmmm, sounds a bit lame to me ....
  • New API for audio and video streaming. Also new API for in-game voice. Shake API. Nav bars ... proximity sensor ... text selection ...
  • Text selection!
  • Seth Sternberg, Meebo CEO, talks about Meebo app. Push demo.
  • EA up next. Must be new games in the pipeline.
  • It's The Sims - The Sims 3 Talk. Makes use of In-App subscription purchasing. This will be huge for EA ...
  • Has the ability to play iPod music in-game ...
  • Next up, Oracle ... 
  • Inventory control app for the iPhone using Push notifications ...
  • Notifications seem very obtrusive to me ... modal ... kinda last century/millenium. I can see all the push notifications getting real old real fast.
  • ESPN up next ...
  • Sports subscriptions ... background alerts ...
  • Next up, Anita Mathew from Lifescan (Johnson and Johnson) ... diabetes testing app. Big market if it can be leveraged.
  • Also demoing a meal planner app.
  • So far there's a real absence of any really meaty additions, mostly just a bunch of new APIs.
  • Next up, ngmoco, a startup games company.
  • Touch Pets and LiveFire first person shooter.
  • "So and so has invited you to a Touch Pets play-date!" Eeewwwwww! Seems aimed at six year olds with an iPhone - not many of them around.
  • All the demos seem way heavy on push notifications ... I can really see these getting real old quickly ...
  • LiveFire seems cool ... has multiplayer support ... but again it's a vacuum hose in your pocket as you are able to buy new stuff (guns ...)
  • I'd buy it if I could buy rocket launchers in the Touch Pets game.
  • Next up, Smule, creators of Ocarina. ???
  • Leaf Trombone World Stage ... multi-player music app. Blow in the mic, slide the trombone slider ... hmmmm ...
  • Forstall's back ... "That duet was played using our new API. You know, when we created the SDK, it was to make devs really successful. That's why we work our asses off every day." Hmmm ...
  • Copy, cut and paste (CCP). Just think how long ago it was that CCP got people excited. :)
  • "We've been working really hard to design an easy to use interface for this on our touchscreen display."
  • Double tap auto-selects the text (double-tap and slide to select multiple words) and places a grab bar with copy cut and paste above it. Drag moves the text.
  • Undo with a shake. Bit gimmicky, but works.
  • Can copy HTML.
  • CCP works across all apps and third-party apps.
  • Can also CCP photos into mail messages.
  • Landscape keyboard support in all keyboard-enabled apps.
  • Support for MMS announced. Again, how long since an announcement like that made the news!
  • Voice memos are now editable. Send via email or MMS. New carrier MMS plans????
  • Calendars revamped. CalDAV support added. And subscripton support.
  • Search within mail and calendar added. Universal Spotlight search support.
  • YouTube account support. iTunes account creation. VPN. Proxy support. Note sync. Meetings invite. Call log.
  • 100 new features in all.
  • Developer beta of iPhone OS out today.
  • Everyone else gets it in the summer -iPhone users for free, iPod touch users will have to pay $10.
  • No MMS and A2DP on original iPhone.
  • Q&A: 
  • Q: Why did copy and paste take so long? A: Security issues (???)
  • Q: Flash support? A: No announcement on that today.
  • Q: Uptime promise on push? A: No uptime promise.

That's about it folks!

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