Apple partners with Thus for UK ISP connectivity

Mac fans in the UK get Demon access
Written by Peter Cohen, Inactive

In North America, Apple already ships its Macs ready to work with popular Internet service provider Earthlink. Now the company has struck a similar deal with UK telecom company Thus (formerly ScottishTelecom).

Thus announced today that Macs shipping in the UK will come pre-configured to work with Demon Internet, Thus' Internet service provider subsidiary.

Thus chief executive Bill Allan said that teaming up with Demon Internet means Apple's UK customers can get the most from their Macs, whether for personal Web browsing or running their businesses.

Demon Internet was founded in 1992 and bills itself as "the UK's most experienced Internet service provider". The company was purchased by Thus in 1998. Demon Internet boasts high-speed connections to the US and Europe, 24 hour a day support staff, and a variety of different services tailored to different users' needs. Demon Internet says that more than 100,000 companies connect to the Internet through its services -- it also claims to host almost half the total number of registered .co.uk domains.

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