Apple Pay launches in Russia with Sberbank partnership

The mobile payment service hits its tenth country worldwide, thanks to a Sberbank partnership in Russia.

Apple Pay is coming to Russia (Image: File photo).

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Apple launched Apple Pay in Russia on Tuesday, extending the payment platform's reach to 10 countries around the globe.

Apple Pay, which allows users to pay with an iPhone or Apple Watch through a contactless sales point, will be available through Sberbank and MasterCard. It's not clear if Apple is planning additional partnerships.

"Apple Pay is driving the popularization of contactless payments in Russia and globally," Alexander Torbakhov, deputy chairman of Sberbank's board, told Tass news agency. "Many of Sberbank clients actively use new technologies, and an increasing number of them will prefer cash-free and contactless payment using their smartphones."

Apple Pay launched in 2014, with the gradual global rollout making the service available in Australia, Canada, China, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, and UK.

Last month, it was reported Apple plans to bring the platform to Taiwan and Kenya.