Apple: Your new glossy Jet Black iPhone 7 will probably scratch, so you might want to put it in a case

That new glossy black finish looks great, as long as you don't scratch it, so maybe you should keep it in a case.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Contributing Writer
​iPhone 7

iPhone 7

The new iPhone 7 isn't out for over a week and Apple is already warning users that the new glossy Jet Black iPhone 7 finish is so prone to scratching that users might want to consider a case.

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Buried in the fine print of the footnotes of the tech specs document is the following:

"The high-gloss finish of the jet black iPhone 7 is achieved through a precision nine-step anodization and polishing process. Its surface is equally as hard as other anodized Apple products; however, its high shine may show fine micro-abrasions with use. If you are concerned about this, we suggest you use one of the many cases available to protect your iPhone."

So, that glossy black finish is nice and all, but scratching may ruin the look so you might be better off hiding it in a case.

Oh well, you can't say you weren't told.

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