Apple turns to Twitter for additional customer support

Apple has set up a general support line on Twitter to field questions from customers.

Apple opened a Twitter account on Thursday to provide supplemental technology support for its customers.

The account launched at 8am and within 20 minutes began offering support. Obviously, with the 140-character limit on Twitter, the Cupertino-based company is limited in how detailed it can get with answers.

So far, it looks to be primarily responding to questions surrounding Apple's services, like iTunes accounts and Apple Music, rather than its hardware. It also tweets general tips for things like its Notes app.

The company has meddled in Twitter support before, opening a support account for Apple Music in October and an account dedicated to the App Store many years ago.

Apple provides customer support over the phone and through text chat on its website. You can also venture to the Apple Genius Bar, found within its retail stores.

We have reached out to Apple for more details.

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