Apple Watch: Nearly double the battery life with wipowerband

Apple's watch isn't shipping for many yet and a battery extender is already available for preorder.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor on
The Apple Watch is sold out, with buyers being told it may be the summer before they get their hot new gadget. Sales have reportedly been brisk, even with concerns about battery life front and center in the coverage of Apple's latest device.

It didn't take long after the Apple Watch went on sale for an accessory to appear that promises to nearly double the battery life. The wipowerband is a clever silicone band that fits inside the Apple Watch band.

The wipowerband contains an embedded 250 mAh battery that extends the time the Apple Watch can work away from the charger. The accessory is charged via Lightning cable.

The extender is available in four colors to complement Apple Watch bands, and the maker points out multiple wipowerbands can be swapped to further stretch the battery life.

Given the silicone construction, one wonders about the comfort of the wipowerband. It might get sweaty underneath.

The wipowerband comes in 38 mm and 42mm sizes and is priced at $89 and $99, respectively. It is available for preorder with an expected delivery in May or June. Most Apple Watch buyers won't get their watch before then so the timing of the wipowerband is about right.


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