Apple's app binge: Find My iPhone, Apple Store, iTC Mobile

Apple's been on a bit of an app binge lately, releasing three in less than a week. But are they useful? Potentially -- if you're a MobileMe subscriber or an app developer.

After getting off to a slow start with native apps, Apple's been on a tear lately, releasing three new apps in less than a week. The portfolio now includes the following new titles:

Find My iPhone (free, iTunes) -- released June 15, 2010 –- Available for the iPhone and iPad, this is an app version of Apple's device tracking tool for MobileMe subscribers. Enable it on your iPhone or iPad (hidden in Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > account) and if you lose said device, you can pinpoint its location on a Map from another device running the app. You can also do fun things like display a message or sound (sirens anyone?), remote lock it or remote wipe it. This is what Apple used to remotely disable the iPhone 4 prototype found in a bar back in April.

Apple Store (free, iTunes) -- released June 11, 2010 –- There's something mildly ironic about using an app used to buy Apple hardware, but then again, Amazon and eBay have them, so why not. It all made perfect, perfect sense last Tuesday however when the Apple Store app was the only way to place a pre-order for an iPhone 4. I haven't used it since though.

iTunes Connect Mobile (free) -- released June 11, 2010 -- iTC Mobile one is only for developers, in fact it can't be located by searching the App Store. iTC Mobile allows devs to see their sales and trend data from iTunes Connect. Pretty cool for keeping tabs on your apps without having to go through the Web interface.

MobileMe Gallery (free, iTunes) -- released March 30, 2010 -- Allows you to view your MobileMe gallery photos and videos in a tidy app. For smaller amounts of photos it woud be faster to just sync your photos directly to the device, but Gallery is definitely useful if you've posted a lot of galleries to MobileMe and don't want to fill up your device. All cloud baby!

Apple's four new app offerings round out its existing app portfolio that includes Remote (free, iTunes), Kenote Remote ($0.99, iTunes) and the (now stagnant) Texas Hold 'Em ($4.99, iTunes).

I just wish Apple would rev its MobileMe iDisk app (free, iTunes) into a true DropBox/GoodReader killer already. And while we're at it, why not rev the crippled Notes app into an Evernote killer? Or, better yet, acquire Evernote and replace Notes with it?

Do you find any of the Apple apps useful? What app do you wish Apple would release?