Apple's iOS 7 makes users sick

A flurry of complaints show that some iPhone and iPad users who upgraded to the latest operating system are physically feeling worse for wear.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer
Credit: Apple

After upgrading Apple devices to the latest operating system, iOS 7, users have reported feeling physically ill because of navigation animations.

A number of users have taken to Apple forums to complain about the new OS update, saying that zoom and motion effects have resulted in nausea, headaches, hurting eyes, dizziness and motion sickness.

One user associated animations with car sickness, and others -- after using their Apple mobile devices for no more than a few minutes and feeling sick as a result -- chose to downgrade their operating systems.

A number of user comments are below:

"I thought I was going crazy today after I updated my phone and I noticed I was feeling queasy every time I used it. Now I see I am not alone! I just used my phone for about 20 minutes and now I feel like I'm going to vomit. There has to be a way to turn this off!"

"I have same problem. Zoom is just one unpleasant issue with OS7. Visually it is too bright and hard on the eyes. I like the functionality but the whole look is just jarring."

"I think another reason that it is making me uncomfortable is because there is so much white space on some built in apps like safari, calendar, mail. There is also a lack of consistency between the brightness of apps - eg the Spotlight keyboard is a pleasant gray shade, but switch to safari and up zooms a bright white keyboard. I'm finding that it is just not a pleasurable visual experience."

"Im having the same issues with dizziness from the animations. I reverted back to iOS 6.1.4 on my iPhone5. I love the new iOS7 design but the side effects of feeling sick made it a deal breaker."

"+1 for dizziness and nausea here, too. Called support earlier today and they told me it couldn't be turned off - the rep I spoke with was very pleasant, but didn't get anywhere with it. A "Classic Animations" option would be fantastic!"

Many of the forum users say they hope Apple creates a way to disable motion and zoom effects in a future update, and Apple has suggested emailing the developers and requesting a option or alternative zoom in the near future.

In the meantime, you can go to Settings > General > Accessibility > and pick the "Reduce Motion" option, which may help on some iPhones. However, motion and zoom effects must be endured in iOS 7, or users have to downgrade back down to iOS 6 to avoid the problem.

We have reached out to Apple and will update if we hear back.

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