Are you suffering from Wikileaks fatigue?

If our luck holds, maybe we won't have to write or read about these nutjobs until 2011.
Written by David Gewirtz, Senior Contributing Editor

Bieber is still beating Assange. All is right with the world.

Ok, so here are the numbers. I've personally written 10 articles on Wikileaks (11 counting this one) and given eight interviews on radio and TV.

Doing a Google search for "wikileaks" on just ZDNet.com, alone, yields more than 13,000 results and if we open it up to the entire Internet, there are more than 416 million results.

That's a lot of Wikileaks.

Now, as a blogger, Wikileaks news is almost like crack to me. No matter what I write, it's bound to generate a response. The fascist anti-war freaks will come out and accuse me of one sort of evil, while the pro-security folks (who are generally much nicer and much more sane, for the record) will come out and accuse me of other random crimes.

It's almost like I can't win, except I do, because every comment and every response is like catnip, virtually irresistible. It all gives me a bit of a buzz.

Sometimes, I tweak the anti-war guys, just to watch them foam at the mouth. It's funny, because I've always been against these wars, but for some reason, these peace lovers are so bizarrely bad tempered and yet, so much fun to annoy. They're almost as fun to annoy as Apple fans.

Yep, I've gotten death threats. From peaceniks. And, well, from Apple fans, too. Eh, it all evens out.

Clearly I'm doing my job. And clearly, Wikileaks is a crack-like topic for almost every other media outlet as well, if you look at the overall coverage, which is off the charts.

Fortunately, all is still right with the world (we Americans seem to love celebrity more than civics). As the above Google Trends chart shows, Web surfers are still much more interested in Justin Bieber than Julian Assange (who is probably rotting in some British prison right now, right arm raised, screaming "Bieber" in disgust).

So, what about you? Are you still interested in Wikileaks above all else, or are you suffering from Wikileaks fatigue?

Go ahead and answer the poll below. If our luck holds, maybe we won't have to write or read about these nutjobs until 2011.

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