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As iPad 2 Arrives, Here Are Ten Vital Stats About iPad Enterprise Adoption

As Apple releases the iPad 2, it's made plenty of headway into the enterprise, without even trying that hard.

It was easy to doubt the iPad one year ago, especially its enterprise mojo. That was despite surveys showing strong interest for using the iPad at work.

What a difference 400 days can make. As Apple releases iPad 2, here are ten factoids and statistics showing you just how popular version one of this product has been with both businesses and consumers alike.

1) There are now at least 366 enterprises and schools testing/deploying iPads in a mass way. This, no doubt, is a massive undercount.

2) That's 52% growth in the last 4 months.

3) 255, or 70%, are by either colleges or K-12 schools.

4) The next most popular vertical by public deployments is government, with 2.5%. Third is healthcare, with 0.6%.

5) That doesn't jibe with other surveys showing financial services to be the biggest user of iPads.

6) However, the truth is probably somewhere in between. Schools and government tend to talk about their iPad deployments, for PR and public-disclosure reasons. Banks see no good reason not to remain ultra-private, even as they roll out the fanciest gear.

7) But there are already equally massive rollouts to talk about. For instance:

- Membership has its privileges, as in the case of Korea Telecom giving away iPads to all 30,000 employees after "reviewing a proposal by its labor union."

- Thanks Santa! KLA-Tencor gifting iPads to all 5,400 employees in December 2010.

- Forget Harvard. Long Island University deployed 6,000 iPads to students, and may double that by next year.

- Hey boss: as part of its SAP Runs SAP initiative, my parent company has rolled out 3,500 iPads to employees along with a suite of business apps and Sybase Afaria on the back-end for security.

Here's the entire Top 40:

8) There are massive, massive iPad rollouts being contemplated. For example, all the K-12 students in Georgia. Every medical doctor (20,000+) in the Australian state of Victoria. The suits at Deutsche Bank. Etc.

9) Analysts, on average, expect about 32 million iPads to be shipped this year.

10) iPads will comprise about two-thirds of the entire market, analysts estimate (see previous link).