As others see us

Americans noted for wasteful living and underline our need for more planets to exploit.
Written by Harry Fuller, Contributor

How does America look to the rest of the planet? Here's a little insight: "if all of mankind were to live life the way Americans do, we'd need an additional four earths to support us. Americans and many others do live wastefully, as the report suggests, but convincing people to renounce their creature comforts is an unpopular task."

That's from a publication in India. They go on to dream of vertical cities, mass transit, etc. What about all of us Americans who cherish our suburban sprawl, big cars, plastic packaging, styrofoam cups and two story shopping malls? Are we gonna have to fight for our right to be wasteful?

It is significant that India is highly awareof the plush lifestyle in America. I recently blogged about that nation's refusla to go for any mandatory emission caps at the Copenhagen talks. Sound familiar. Using the old refrain from the previous U.S. admin, no mandatory standards, the India governmentpoints to the relative wealth of America and Europe and says we want our share so don't punish us for you previous pollution.

Meanwhile European leaders are urging India to support whatever agreement is reached in Copenhagen next month.

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