ASP1 Asia rolls out commercial service

ASP1 Asia, a joint venture between CA and DataOne Asia, aimed at e-business growth in Asia, rolls out its commercial service.
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ASP1 Asia, a joint venture between Computer Associates International Inc (CA) and DataOne Asia Pte Ltd (DataOne Asia), with a focus on e-business in Asia, rolls out its commercial service.

ASP1 Asia has two major areas of business concerns:
1. applications hosting and management and
2. providing technologies for other ASPs.

1. Applications hosting and management
ASP1 will initially offer CA’s applications including ACCPAC accounting, Masterpiece visual financial management and MK Distribution for logistics management. Other future ASP applications include human resource management application and secured email service.

MNCs and small and medium-sized businesses will have these software high-speed Internet access by the end of first quarter 2001.

ASP1 will also provide advanced eBusiness applications to vertical markets such as Finance and Distribution. These industry-specific applications will be launched by end of second quarter 2001. ASP1 will also offer eLearning hosting services and management targeted at corporate clients which include hosting of CA’s Virtual University that provides eLearning to CA staff and clients.

2. Providing technologies for other ASPs
ASP1 will supply infrastructure technology, services and integration for other companies to become ASP-enabled. The five components are ASP portal, service level agreement (SLA) management, ASP billing, ASP provisioning and customer relationship management.

ASP1 is recruiting resellers that will target SMEs, local MNCs/enterprises and hardware providers, specifically for bundling purposes to value added resellers. MNCs and large local enterprises will be a second target customer group, with the third target being Internet Data Centres for hosting

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