Astrasoft offers 700Mb of help tools for £50

At well under £1 per 10Mb, a new collection of help tools looks good in terms of bang for buck.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

Former Quarterdeck, Corel and Logitech executive Martin Pickering has taken his first full solo eagle flight of his new venture Astrasoft with the release of a 700Mb all-in-one utilities suite that brings together several of the biggest names in PC software.

The bedfellows in Astrasoft's two-CD-ROM That's What I Call Help are Cybermedia's First Aid 97 troubleshooter, Symantec's Norton Anti-Virus and PC Handyman troubleshooter, IMSI's Windelete deletion tool, Inso's Quick View Plus file viewer, and Mijenix's Powerdesk add-in for Windows Explorer.

The package is available in retail now at a list price of £50 and will shortly show up in the dealer channel after a distribution deal with Gem was recently completed.

"It's easy to throw in software from vendors as bundles but this puts the cream of help utilities in one box for the first time," said Pickering. "Most of the versions are current and all can be upgraded."

Astrasoft also acts as the UK agent for Mijenix.

Astrasoft: 01494-533393

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