AT&T releases BlackBerry Bridge for the PlayBook over 2 months after release

AT&T customers who wanted to connect their PlayBook to their BlackBerry were stymied by AT&T, but now we finally see the utility being released.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
One of the cool features of the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook is the ability to use BB Bridge to connect with your BB smartphone for essential PIM functionality and tethered web browsing. AT&T failed RIM at launch when they did not make BB Bridge available so people had to search and hack it onto their smartphones. Today, AT&T finally released BlackBerry Bridge for their customers.

I am not sure if AT&T realized there would not be an overwhelming number of people using the service or if there was some technical reason they were preventing their customers from using the Bridge, but it is built now so go get it in BlackBerry App World. The limited tethering support may have had AT&T scared since iPhone owners already overload the network, but given that the App World on the PlayBook is taking a long time to take off and excitement is cooling for the device they can probably rest easy that PlayBook owners won't be taking down the network.

Why do you think it took AT&T so long to get the BlackBerry Bridge utility out?

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