AWS touts current way of working as the new normal

CTO Werner Vogels said current, unprecedented circumstances have brought on a world that was predicted years ago.
Written by Asha Barbaschow, Contributor
Screenshot: Asha Barbaschow/ZDNet

Amazon chief technology officer Werner Vogels expects that work in the aftermath of COVID-19 will be much the same as it currently is, with many people working remotely through the help of the cloud.

Speaking at the Amazon Web Service (AWS) Summit Online, Vogels said the past few months have ushered in a new era in technology.

"If nothing else, these past few months have truly ushered in an era in technology where we are seeing fundamental shifts in how everyone is feeling, not only in technology itself but how to access that technology, as well as how we build that technology," he said.

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"In many ways, it's accelerating the path to which a world that we have predicted many, many years ago. We have video conferencing inside the car from spy movies as many years ago as the 1960s, and 3D printing was seen as purely science fiction in the 1980s."

According to Vogels, in 2020 and beyond, most organisations are going to be transforming into a completely cloud-based environment.

He said this would allow workers to access any application or service "from anywhere at any time".

Providing an example of an industry that has made a rapid shift due to unprecedented circumstances, Vogels said telemedicine has allowed doctors to continue providing consultations to patients via video.

"I continue to be inspired by how I've seen our customers pivot in response to the recent events in the world and how they've used technology to solve human problems," he said.

"Many aspects of our daily life has changed drastically in response to these unprecedented times, companies are taking on challenges to improve processes and make things easier, faster, and safer for communities around the world."

Vogels said the cloud is providing organisations of all sizes with the ability to respond, innovate, and build solutions.

"People and companies in all corners of the globe solving hard, human problems," he said. "Have faith in the capabilities of builders.

"We're optimistic about the future."

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