Backup service is betting on the cloud for small business

Backupify seizes the opportunity with a cloud-based backup and restore service for Google Apps, Facebook, and Twitter.
Written by Josh Gingold, Contributor on

Losing information is one of the biggest concerns most often cited by organizations reluctant to trust their businesses in the cloud.

However, what started out as a consumer-focused backup option for Yahoo’s Flickr photo-sharing service has quickly evolved into what may be the most popular backup and recovery solution for Google Apps and even some types of social media.

Massachusetts-based Backupify now boasts more than two thousand business customers and CEO Rob May says his company “is betting on the cloud” for future growth and opportunity with the long tail of small business.

According to May, the strategy is paying off as the company has seen a dramatic rise in the amount of data under management as well as an increase in revenue and a decrease in customer turnover.

Although Backupify is firmly focused on the backup of Google Apps, the service is also effective for social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.

According to an email from another Backupify representative, two recent product upgrades, Account Search and Full Account Restore, allow customers who lose the contents of their email to “literally watch their screen as Backupify fully restores every individual email into their Google account.”

May says his vision is clear and he intends to grow the company into a leading “data management tool for IT in the cloud” and will “continue to improve its product and add new services in 2012 and beyond."

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