Pub opens at expressway service stop. Call it the Drink and Drive?

Tank up in more ways than one along the high-speed M40 between London and Birmingham.


M40 Andrew Smith Wiki.jpg
Before you negotiate this curve 15 miles northwest of Beaconsfield on the M40, why not stop for a few drinks?
Maybe some British highway official was drunk when his boss said: "Promote Stonehenge." 

Perhaps he heard it as "Stone Age," because someone in government, somehow, approved an archaic bit of expressway development that took shape this morning when a pub opened its doors at a rest stop on the M40, the six-lane, 70 mile-per-hour conduit that runs between London and Birmingham 90 miles to the northwest.

As the BBC notes, "The move has been controversial because many of the customers will be drivers." In case like some government planners you haven't heard, drinking while driving can kill.

Or is that just left wing drivel? I'm no teetotaler, but this is enough to bring the Carrie Nation out of anyone.

Oh, never mind. Want a couple of vodka and tonics before you put the pedal to the metal? Great. You can get started early. The Drink & Drive, I mean, The Bad Idea, no, I mean, The Horse & Carriage bar and restaurant opens daily at 4 a.m. at the Beaconsfield services 25 miles west of London. 

Actually I'm being a bit disingenuous. For those of you concerned about safety, there's no need to worry. Anyone who arrives at 4 will have to wait a few hours for their special libation, because pub owners JD Wetherspoon won't start serving booze until 9 a.m.

Mmmm, nothing like a breakfast of cornflakes and Cornish ale!

I'm just imagining the advertisements that will soon follow. My free copywriting offering: "Tank up in more ways than one at the motorway stop with something for the entire family!"

They could even offer free cigarettes.

Photo is from Andrew Smith via Wikimedia

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