Bangladesh to be poster child of rising ocean levels

Map courtesy of CIA and U.S. taxpayers.Welcome to ground zero of climate change.
Written by Harry Fuller, Contributor on
Map courtesy of CIA and U.S. taxpayers. Welcome to ground zero of climate change. Or zero elevation which is the same thing. Bangladesh is a flat, low-lying country with dense population, little money and big problems. Here's a report from a reporter's recent visit to the country where the rising level of the Indian Ocean is having real-time effects

Bangladesh has 150-million people living in a space the size of Iowa. Like Iowa the country makes its living off very rich soil, brought down to the flat river deltas from the Himalayas. Yet it's not just rising sea levels that threaten Bangladeshi agriculture it is the more extreme weather, harsher hurricanes, heavier monsoons. All made more extreme by global warming. [poll id="87"]

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