Barnes and Noble e-book reader 'Nook' to be unveiled today

Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Credit: Barnes & Noble"="" alt="Barnes & Noble Nook" width="493" height="509">

It may seem like overkill at this point, but Barnes & Noble is releasing their own e-book reader today: the Nook, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Although an official event and annoucement is scheduled for later today, most of the important information has already been leaked. Like Spring Design's Alex, it will run on Google Android OS. While it's roughly the same price as Amazon's Kindle, it's not really cheap, with a reported price tag of $259. But with some extra assets like a color touchscreen and e-book lending abilities, I find it a bit more of a deal. Amazon should start planning a major holiday bargain if they want to continue their control of the e-book reader market this winter.

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