Barnes & Noble rolls out Nook for iPad, iPhone, and PC clients

Barnes & Noble continues to roll out and rebrand their mobile ebook reading software and now has the free Nook app available for the iPad, iPhone, and PC.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer on

Barnes & Noble recently released the Nook for Android application and at that time stated that they would be rolling out the Nook branded ereader application to replace the B&N Reader app on the iPhone, iPad, and PC. Today, they made that announcement so you can now find the iPad, iPhone/iPod touch, and PC versions to go with the Android version. The BlackBerry and Mac versions are the last two that need to be updated with the Nook branding.

These latest releases are not just rebranded versions of the last software either and offer new features and functionality. For example, Nook for iPad adds in-app content rating and an improved user interface with custom themes that you can optimize for day or night and even preview before changing. Font styles and sizes, justification of the text, highlights, notes, lending, and syncing across all platforms is supported.

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