Battle for the mobile space heats up

3GSM World Congress: Symbian OS 7.0 brings better security to phones, Microsoft counters with its Phone Edition platform. Manufacturers, meanwhile, keep churning out new devices. A ZDNet UK News Focus
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Motorola's first 3G handset: The A820 Nokia's titanium GPRS phone: The Nokia 8910 NEWS: Q&A: Ericsson GPRS chief on security and roaming
Fri 22 Feb: Michel Roquejoffre, head of the UMTS and GPRS project at Ericsson France, explains the issues behind GPRS security and roaming Microsoft bets on smartphones
Fri 22 Feb: The software giant is at 3GSM talking to major handset makers who are interested in using its software to build a new generation of smart cell phones Java-based streaming '10 times faster than MPEG-4'
Wed 20 Feb: RealNetworks may be preparing RealOne for mobile devices, but Finnish developer Oplayo reckons it has the ultimate technology for streaming audio and video Symbian OS 7.0 increases focus on smartphones
Wed 20 Feb: From promoting its high-end clamshell PDA operating systems, Symbian is moving decidedly toward the mass market for smartphones with its latest software Nokia to share networking technology
Wed 20 Feb: 3GSM World Congress: Nokia aims to accelerate the growth of new technology by sharing some of its mobile network knowledge Fujitsu joins Sagem on 3G technology
Wed 20 Feb: Fujitsu has formed an alliance with Sagem of France to develop technologies for 3G wireless systems Orange to squeeze out GPRS in March
Tues 19 Feb: The mobile operator is planning to launch business GPRS services in six European countries next month, although consumers must wait until the second quarter of 2002 Motorola looking to buy a rival
Tues 19 Feb: Motorola is aiming for a 25 percent market share in the next few years, and may acquire a smaller rival as part of the process Symbian adds security, Java to mobile mix
Tues 19 Feb: Symbian OS 7.0, announced at 3GSM, means we will soon be seeing mobile phones and wireless PDAs that mix 3G features with Java and some crucial security features Nokia launches titanium GPRS phone
Tues 19 Feb: The Finnish mobile phone maker has announced a high-end titanium GPRS phone at the 3GSM World Congress See image RealNetworks streams into mobiles
Tues 19 Feb: RealSystem Mobile will open the floodgates for media to be streamed to mobile devices. Players for Windows CE devices and even the PlayStation2 are promised Nokia offers Smartphone 'blueprint'
Tues 19 Feb:
Two camps, led by Microsoft and Nokia, are to launch rival technologies for smartphone makers in a battle that could parallel the early days of the PC industry Microsoft to unleash wireless strategies
Tues 19 Feb: Handheld devices using Microsoft's operating systems will gain wireless capabilities like the ability to make voice calls
HP dials in Pocket PC for new handheld
Tues 19 Feb: At the 3GSM World Congress in France, Hewlett-Packard is set to launch its latest Jornada handheld for Europe, powered by Pocket PC
Nissan driving 3G technology
Tues 19 Feb: In-car platform will be centred on DoCoMo's 3G mobile network, offering maps and information
Microsoft teams with chipmakers on smartphone standards
Tues 19 Feb: The PC software giant is seeking to make it easier for handset makers to design data-enabled phones - and entrench itself into the wireless industry at the same time EARLIER NEWS:
Mobile operator seeks commercially minded chief
Mon 18 Feb: Symbian needs a commercially minded replacement for Colly Myers, who stepped down as chief executive on Friday, if it is to succeed against Microsoft and Palm
Motorola unveils its first 3G phone
Fri 15 Feb: The US phone manufacturer gives the mobile industry a boost by showing off a fully functional and operational 3G device. All it needs now is a network
See image Pocket PC to make phone calls
Wed 13 Feb: Microsoft is to announce an application that lets manufacturers add wireless access for data and voice calls to Pocket PC devices.
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