BBEdit 9.5 released

BBEdit was upgraded to version 9.5 today, it's one of the few programs that I use everyday.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor

There are only a handful of programs that I use everyday and BBEdit ($125, free upgrade from 9.0) is one of them.

This amazing and powerful text editor is great for everything from cleaning up text, writing HTML, editing CSS, scripting and all manners of coding. I began using BBEdit in 1991 or 1992 and used it exclusively to write and edit the PowerPage long before tools like Blogger and WordPress.

BBEdit a veritable swiss army knife application for Mac OS X that should be in everyone's Application folder. I use it so much that I might as well make it a login item.

Version 9.5 was released today with a laundry list of new features. My favorite is Live Search bar which behaves like the searching in Safari:

The Quick Search window is gone, and has been replaced by an in-window Live Search bar. Choosing the "Live Search" menu command on the Search menu will open this bar.

As you type in the search field, matches for the string get highlighted in the window's editing view. The search is always literal and case-insensitive. The "previous" and "next" arrows to the left of the field are useful for navigation; you can also type Return or Shift-Return in the search field to go forward or backward.

It's a worthwhile upgrade to a great app

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