Beevolve tracks the social media buzz

A SaaS-based approach to social media analytics takes flight.
Written by Rajiv Rao, Contributing Writer on

Name: Beevolve

Cloud Segment: SaaS

Type of App: Social Media Analytics

Founders/Management: Goldee Udani

Beevolve, a Bangalore-based startup takes a different approach to mitigating the possibility of social media brand conflagrations—by offering an analytics platform that helps monitor brand mentions, schedules and launches social media posts, and measures subsequent sales.

Beevolve essentially trawls the net—specifically consumer shopping sites, twitter, blogs, product review zones, as well as mainstream media—to provide insight into brands, products and markets.

The Beevolve service doesn't just report on brand conversations. The company’s platform also extracts insights that can be used to structure marketing strategies, identify trends, spur product development, and flag potential PR disasters before they happen.

Founder and CEO, Goldee Udani Image source: Beevolve

Which is why marketing executives, PR professionals, and media personnel could find this a pretty handy tool. Beevolve can help them understand market or product sentiment, identify emerging trends, and use the overall analysis and insights to sculpt or finesse activities in product development, sales, and marketing. The company also enables clients to execute social media campaigns while measuring sales or conversions resulting from those campaigns

Beevolve’s distributed and scalable crawler web service is a nifty tool that launches robots in the cloud which pull appropriate information from websites. With clients from over 16 countries worldwide, Beevolve wants to become the most important tool in the social media realm for small businesses by generating vital and actionable consumer sentiment that can in turn make clients more efficient and profitable.


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