Boeing to delay 787 Dreamliner up to 10 months, report says

Boeing will reportedly delay its 787 Dreamliner again, pushing delivery back up to 10 months for some customers due to late design and production changes.

More delays have hit Boeing's flagship aircraft.

The Chicago, Ill.-based aerospace firm has told several of its early 787 Dreamliner customers to expect delivery delays of up to 10 months, according to an Aviation Week report.

That includes:

  • A 10 month delay for Korean Air, which will receive its first 787 in August 2012.
  • A five month delay for Air India, which will receive its first 787 in September or October 2011.
  • A three month delay for Japan Airlines, which will receive its first 787 in June 2011 "at the earliest."

Boeing reportedly did not offer comment.

Boeing's big beauty has been the victim of a number of delays -- including its maiden flight -- due to supplier and production issues.

Previously on SmartPlanet:

Boeing hasn't issued a statement about its scheduled delivery of the first 787 to All Nippon Airways in the first quarter 2011, but the Aviation Week report cites sources that say a delay is inevitable.

Why? "Late design changes" and other out-of-sequence work that must be incorporated into new production aircraft as well as the 22 787s that have already been completed, according to the report.

The aircraft is now pushing three years late on its original timeline.

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