Braintree Council pilots Siebel at top speed

A new version of Siebel Public Sector has been installed at Braintree District Council in less than 50 days, and it sounds like it's delivering results

Braintree District Council has become the first local authority to implement Siebel 50 — a version of Siebel Public Sector aimed at smaller organisations. The CRM package can be implemented in 50 days and costs less than £100,000 to install, the company claims.

Siebel 50 includes a new case management package which is pre-configured to manage services such as waste management and other environmental services as well as complaint handling procedures and includes "functionality specifically designed for UK authorities", the company says.

"Siebel 50 has transformed the efficiency and effectiveness of our service delivery," said Roger Bramwell, head of customer services at Braintree District Council. "In the past, citizens were often unable to speak to the right member of the Council’s staff because we had so many separate, disconnected processes and systems. Now, the integrated view means we can provide a single point of contact to resolve every inquiry our constituents have."

According to Bramwell, measured on system usage, Siebel 50 has been a success and it has allowed the council to make its services "more inclusive" and "easier for the general public to navigate".

Following the deployment of Siebel 50, "we are experiencing a 40 percent increase in Council contact through our customer services centre," said Bramwell.

Siebel implemented the system at Braintree in partnership with Customer Systems, a consultancy firm.