Brazil improves environment for cloud adoption

The country has enhanced the conditions for growth of the technology but is still behind other emerging countries.

Brazil has made some improvement in terms of the local environment for adoption of cloud computing, according to a recent study.

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The Cloud Computing Scorecard research from the BSA, The Software Alliance, has ranked Brazil in the 18th place out of a list of 24 countries, behind emerging countries such as South Africa, Argentina and Mexico.

The BSA study aims to rank countries' preparedness for the adoption and growth of cloud computing services. While Brazil's current position seems rather bad, the country has actually climbed four positions in relation to last year's ranking.

According to the study, cloud adoption in emerging markets is still lagging behind, mainly down to the lack of standards around cyber security.

"The goal of this ranking is to provide a platform for discussion between policymakers and cloud service providers. This dialogue can help develop a common international law and regulatory framework that facilitates cloud computing," BSA Brazil head Antonio Eduardo Mendes da Silva, said in a statement.

Germany tops the BSA ranking due to factors including the recent adoption of public policies around cyber security. In the other end of the spectrum, Russia, China, Indonesia and Vietnam are listed as the nations that fare the worst in terms of cloud development.

Separate research from IDC predicts that cloud computing will be one of the main segments driving corporate IT spend in Brazil in 2018, along with Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and data analytics.