Brazilian government seeks tech-based ideas to contain public spending

A two-day event including a hackathon aimed to optimize resource utilization within government bodies.

The Brazilian government held a two-day event with technology professionals to discuss ways in which technology innovations could be applied to public sector administration.

The event led by the Ministry of Economy in partnership with the National Confederation of Municipalities held in Brasília last week had the participation of technology professionals, students and public servants.


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According to the organizers, the objective of the event was to consider how "more transparency, effectiveness and simplicity" could be introduced to the utilization of public sector resources via technology-based approaches.

A 19-hour hackathon with projects around areas such as open data was held during the event, as well as a couple of roundtables with government officials and workshops related to process improvements and analyses around regulatory issues.

One of the key pledges of Brazil's new economy minister, Paulo Guedes, is to cut public spending. Guedes has often been quoted as saying that the country "spends a lot and spends badly."

However, the Ministry of Economy did not answer ZDNet's requests for comment on any technology-based ideas towards solving the public spending issue that may have been developed in the event held last week.