Bricks to Clicks: Defining success

What's good?95% of respondents indicated reduced cycle time, and 91% said lowered costs were good.
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What's good?
95% of respondents indicated reduced cycle time, and 91% said lowered costs were good.

100% of senior management said customer loyalty and referrals were the best measurement criteria of success with B2B e-commerce.

Other criteria included:

  • Increase in returns (87%)
  • Personalized selling and services delivery (87%)
  • Increase in market share (87%)

    What do I get?
    95% said customer self service best represents ROI. This is consistant with improving relationship with customers as the top organizational challenge.

    What do I need?
    A B2B e-business needs the following, says Prakash:

  • People
  • Processes
  • Structure
  • Technology

    "To do e-commerce, you need e-business as a backbone. You need to be an e-business."

    - Pritchard, Compuware

    But what if...
    Don't be afraid to make mistakes, says Pritchard. Companies have to make room for that to happen.

    But you can't make the same mistake twice.

    And you have to admit them quickly - so that they can be corrected quickly.

    Bricks to Clicks - Recharging the Enterprise, the corporate planner, is available in detail for AU$2,000 from April 2000.

    About Compuware
    Compuware is the world's fifth largest software vendor. An industry solution provider, Compuware productivity solutions help 14,000 corporations maintain and enhance their critical business applications.

    Inclusive of pending acquisitions, Compuware employs approximately 15,000 IT professionals worldwide.

    About Interactive Knowledge On-Line (IKO) Interactive Knowledge On-line (IKO) was established in July 1995 as an Australian e-commerce and e-business consulting company. In 1997, IKO launched Kids Emporium and Click Sport. IKO is currently focusing on the development of a corporate planner for B2B on the Internet in conjuction with Compuware, developing a global and industrial classification-based marketplace index for e-business trading hubs, offering s-Sense training and education, and e-business consulting.

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