BT Fusion: watershed or washout?

The telecoms company has attracted some criticism around the pricing of its new fixed and mobile VoIP service

The launch of BT's converged mobile and fixed line handset has been heralded as a turning point for the industry but some industry watchers aren't so convinced.

BT launches "watershed" fixed and mobile handset
But analysts warn the complex issue of pricing will be key as to whether the product is a success with consumers

BT on the verge of launching Bluephone
Project Bluephone could drive the take-up of voice-over-IP in the mobile space, unless billing issues scupper it

Bluephone continues despite standards group's demise
The UMA group is being wrapped up, but its standards for converged mobile communications will live on within 3G

BT's converged phone ready for the limelight
The telco's fixed-and-mobile hybrid phone could be unveiled within weeks

BT to trial voice-over-Wi-Fi for Bluephone 2
The telco is launching a trial next month that will see voice calls run over both GSM and wireless LANs from the same device, as it gears up for the second-generation Bluephone

BT's all-in-one phone to debut next year
BT's Bluephone, a device that should be able to act as a landline, mobile and VoIP phone device looks set to make its market debut next year

Convergence: One handset is better than two
BT and Vodafone are leading the charge when it comes to integrating fixed-line and mobile technology into a single handset

BT's convergence con-Fusion
Convergence has great promise for telecommunications, but BT's new Fusion handset leaves most of that potential untouched

BT's Bluephone must be convergence without the con
BT wants to sell us one phone that works on fixed and mobile lines. Those should be the only lines it sells us

BT's visions lack focus
BT's dreams of a future perfect leave the present tense