Can employers be liable for your BlackBerry addiction?

We are all becoming more and more connected and a Rutgers University study shows that employers have to watch their actions or they could be liable for the addiction.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

 BlackBerry 7100v.jpg

I just read a news blurb on Geek.com that links to a discussion of an upcoming Rutgers University study that suggests employers may eventually be legally liable for the "BlackBerry" addiction. The key to discovering whether or not an employer is liable is whether the employer manipulates an employee for their benefit. At my day job, it is not expected that you answer emails immediately and there is absolutely no employer manipulation. However, I personally have to admit I do have an addiction with these mobile gadgets and it is very tough at times to just turn off the hosted Exchange and Bloglines spigot and get away from it all. I am sure there are employers out there that take advantage of the fact they can reach on employee on their BlackBerry 24/7 and use this to "push" the addiction the employee may have to mobile technology, but they may want to take a look at the study when it is released and start backing off a bit. Are you a CrackBerry addict?

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