Can we please stop shooting at people, locking down schools, and chasing suspects for a stupid phone?

As a smartphone enthusiast, I spend a LOT of money on phones, but understand it isn't worth risking a life just to recover a $500 to $800 phone. Should police pursue suspects actively to recover a stolen iPhone?

Can we please stop shooting at people, locking down schools, and chasing suspects for a stupid phone?

As a smartphone enthusiast who purchases a LOT of phones at full retail price and have a daughter starting college soon I completely understand the value of a smartphone. However, is the recovery of an iPhone, or other smartphone, really worth having police actively pursue suspects and open fire? The latest story of a pursuit in San Francisco is pretty scary to me and I have to wonder if it is really worth it to recover a lost or stolen iPhone.

iPhone crime is reportedly on the rise in San Francisco and New York and in this latest case an officer ended up firing on a suspect and a school was locked down as the chase continued and actually resulted in apprehension of a ring of criminals who had stolen other property. I understand that our phones are valuable to most of us, but we have to remember it is JUST a phone and can be wiped with Find My Phone without the need for active pursuit. I know my own life is too valuable, and too many others rely on me to be alive, to chase down criminals to recover a stolen phone and I will never pursue someone if my phones are stolen.

Earlier this month we followed the story of David Pogue's stolen iPhone and I have to say I personally think it was a waste of Maryland police time and effort to actively pursue the theft of this iPhone. Folks, it is just a phone and we shouldn't be risking the lives of our public servants or wasting the time and money of police to chase down a stupid lost or stolen phone. I am worried by these stories and would like to see police establish a policy that pursuit does not get initiated because someone reported a stolen phone. I get upset with thieves stealing things and like that you can wipe your phone. Shoot, the ability to find your Windows Phone for free on Windows Live has been invaluable for my wife who always misplaces her phone, but if we discovered it was not around the house and was stolen there is no way in the world I am going into a shady neighborhood of unknown origin to hunt down a stupid phone.

Do you think police and phone owners should pursue suspects with these new phone tracking technologies?

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