Canadians ban popular comedy animation site

Deemed to be without educational value and unsuitable for children, ban signals a tightening of school access.

Canadian school officials have banned students from viewing the popular Têtes à Claques comedy website, after it was deemed to be without education value and unsuitable for children, reports the CBC

More than 25,000 people visit the French Canadian comedy show online, but recent complaints about the show from the superintendent of a New Brunswick school district prompted the Department of Education to review the site.

The Department of Education contracts with a private company to screen websites for inappropriate content, such as nudity, sex, gambling, illegal activity, hate and racism, violence and weapons and tastelessness.

"The site was reviewed and some content was found to be inappropriate as a result of coarse language - and as a result the access is restricted," said Education Department spokesman Hugues Beaulieu.

Josee-Anne Doucet, a student at École Secondaire Népisiguit, says she is sympathetic with the district but that the ban is too restrictive.

"They always ban all sorts of sites that we need for research," Doucet said. "I have a friend, she wanted to do research on tattoos because it was for school and she couldn't go on the sites because it was tattoos."