Canon notebooks can print from docking station

Canon is putting a new spin on the notebook/printer field it pioneered by making output a snap-on option.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

While previous Canon PrintBooks used an internal Bubble Jet printer at the price of bulk and weight, the new, renamed CN600 models are relatively slimline and weigh just 2.25kg but can attach to a docking station that integrates Bubble Jet printer, 10-page sheet feeder, 12-speed CD-ROM drive, Ethernet port and sound. Combined weight is a reasonable 3.85kg, according to Canon.

Based on 133MHz or 166MHz Pentium MMX processors, the units offer dual-scan or TFT 800 x 600 or TFT 1,024 x 768 screens, and up to 2Gb in hard drive real estate.

Trevor Dodsworth, senior product manager at Canon, said many PrintBook sales have gone to customer-facing sales teams who can give a presentation and then output slides or contract forms.

List prices for the line, including docking station, start at £3,099 + VAT.

Canon: 0121-6808062.

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