Canonical releases Gutsy Gibbon

Ubuntu's commercial sponsor hopes version 7.10 of the OS will spearhead a push into the server market over the next six months

Canonical has announced the release of Gutsy Gibbon, version 7.10 of its Ubuntu Linux operating system.

Canonical, the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, hopes that the release will spearhead Ubuntu's push into the server and other markets over the next six months, a time frame which coincides with the arrival of Hardy Heron, Gutsy Gibbon's successor.

While Gutsy Gibbon has the standard Ubuntu support lifespan of 18 months, Hardy Heron will be only the second version to feature long-term support, which runs up to five years for the server version and three years for the desktop version.

Several of the additions to Gutsy Gibbon are user interface and configuration tweaks. A new graphical interface has been added for making adjustments to monitor settings, for example.

Among other Gutsy Gibbon desktop features are plug-and-play functions to more easily install proprietary or missing software to play audio and video files; easy support for multiple monitors; and the ability to read and write from hard drive partitions using Microsoft's NTFS file system using the Fuse software.

Matthew Broersma of and Stephen Shankland of CNET contributed to this report.