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Cartoon Critters Explain Why Tablets Are Better Than PCs (YouTube, Xtranormal)

Cartoon Critters Explain Why a Tablet Equals a PC (YouTube, Xtranormal)

Do you still prefer an immovable putty-colored box (read: desktop PC) to a sleek, powerful mobile device? Let me try to convince you otherwise, with the aid of some furry woodland creatures.

Here's a video I made with XtraNormal depicting a customer seeking a 'real' PC and the increasingly-agitated salesvarmint at Blue Shirt Mega Computer Warehouse serving her.

(Click on the following link, not the screenshot (ZDNet has a problem with embedded YouTube Videos)

Tablet vs. the PC

Does this make the case more effectively than listing Five Arguments for why a Tablet is as Good as a PC or finding a bunch of Old-Timey, Antiquated Rants Against Laptops? Dang right it better! If you like the video, please spread it among your friends and loved ones, thanks!

On the other hand, if you hate the video and everything it argues for, forward it along it to your enemies and exes, instead!


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