CBS vs. NBC: The REAL Wall Street (Wallstrip) story!

CBS vs. NBC: The REAL Wall Street (Wallstrip) Story

In the Memorial Day battle of the "What is the REAL reason CBS "acquired", diverse motivations abound:

Grab the talent, Neutralize a potentially disruptive up and comer, Acquire the technology, Capture the brand, Learn about Web video...

Digital Markets Blog has the REAL reason, though, REALLY!

Why is CBS absorbing a bare-bones Web video start-up backed by technology insiders?


YES, while Howard Lindzon spins a Cinderella tale, "one of the most exciting days of my life for sure," in a not quite backed-up with quantifiable specifics story, "CBS acquires Wallstrip--You can make money from blogging!!!":

Lot’s of people to thank. The biggest sacrifices have come from my wife Ellen and my sweet kids Rachel and Max. My dog Bagel is indifferent.

His REAL closing punch line was apparently lost by others in the shuffle.

Not surprisngly, though, because the Lindzon Wallstrip sale "anouncement" is reminiscent of Oscars thank-you self-absorbed soliloquies that end up being drowned out by smart wielders of the fatefull time to break for the commercial music.

Nevertheless, I did my journalistic duty and persevered to the end of Lindzon's self-congratulatory ode, AND was handsomely rewarded with this REAL KEY to why CBS wants Wallstrip:

I believe CBS made a great acquisition and I can’t wait to help grow the Financial Vertical as part of the CBS family.

YES, move over NBC's Jim Cramer on CNBC!

After all, Why should NBC reap all the benefits from being a a "serious" financial news organization by promoting circus style financial reporting!

Lindzon, himself, is leading the fantastical Wall Street parade:

I am long CBS.

Check that…CBS is long Wallstrip . Yep, CBS has made the absolute genius decision to burn through a piece of their $1.8 billion in Cash Flow to buy/own Wallstip.

Obviously the rumors have leaked - just check the stock price the last few weeks as CBS has added a Bazillion in market Capitalization. It reminds me of the action surrounding Google buying YouTube :) .

Wallstrip the next YouTube? Not in the multi-billion dollar buyout arena, among many other things.