CeBIT 2000: Palm commits to Bluetooth

Bluetooth wireless connectivity will be included in Palm's PDA
Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

3Com's Palm PDA will integrate Bluetooth wireless technology, it was announced on Wednesday at the CeBIT technology conference in Hannover, Germany.

The company has licensed Extended System's Bluetooth software for future versions of the market-leading Palm.

To implement Bluetooth, Extended's embedded protocol stack has been ported to run with the Palm OS. The protocol stack manages data transportation according to the Bluetooth 1.0 specification. "3Com continues to build on its commitment to the Bluetooth wireless communications standard to provide people with cordless connectivity, regardless of their physical location," stated Steve Parker, 3Com's Bluetooth product line manager.

The two companies first partnered back in 1998, with Extended supplying IrDA connectivity to the Palm.

Bluetooth, which is expected to make a big splash at this year's show, is a wireless technology that connects devices within 10 metres over short wave radio waves.

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