CeBIT 2000: Samsung rolls out CD-RW/DVD Drive

Combo SM-304 combines CD-ROM, DVD, CD-R and CD-RW capabilities
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At CeBIT Thursday Samsung presented a new multifunctional drive, the Combo SM-304, with the ability to read CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs and act as a CD-R and CD-RW drive. According to the company, the drive should be immediately available for between 600 and 700 DM (£190 - £221).

Combo is a quad-speed CD-R and CD-RW drive, 24-speed CD-ROM player and quad-speed DVD player. The internal drive provides EIDE and ATAPI interfaces and 2MB of buffer memory.

An MPEG-decoder, which is supplied with the device, needs to be installed to play DVD videos. The average access time, according to Samsung, is 110 milliseconds for DVDs and 90 milliseconds for CDs.

Translation by Sophie Handrick

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