Celebrity icons: Top of the pixels

Something's missing from your desktop? Could it be... pixellated miniaturised versions of your favourite popstars - from Craig David to Bjork?

Quirky Web site flipflopflyin.com has made available pixellated versions of your favourite celebrities for free download. Whether you are a Beastie Boys fan or you prefer Madonna in the buff, you're likely to find what you are looking for.

And for all you boy-band-hating grumpy oldsters out there, don't worry -- you can get the Beatles during their Sergeant Pepper phase. Or the Fawlty Towers team. Or even the Dalai Lama or the Queen Mother, for the Buddhists and monarchists out there.

The images are 25 pixels high by 8 wide, and are grainy looking but for the most part identifiable.

The site was started by 30-year-old UK computer enthusiast Craig Robinson. He started producing his own icons (the first one was of Kraftwerk) two years ago, but now many of them are contributed by fans of the Web site.

Liverpool-based Robinson doesn't believe in censoring icons submitted to the site, but does have one hard and fast rule: Manchester United icons are not allowed.

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