Celio REDFLY Mobile Companion arrives

The Celio REDFLY Mobile Companion provides Windows Mobile users with a large 8 inch display and keyboard for faster text entry and a better viewing experience. The device is rock solid and I placed my pre-order for the device, which just arrived in the full retail packaging (not in the review plain brown box). I have tested it with the HTC Advantage and T-Mobile Shadow so far and like the full screen experience.

I posted my first thoughts review of the REDFLY Mobile Companion back in March. I then posted some follow-up experiences and stated I

Celio REDFLY Mobile Companion is in the house

I mentioned last week that the REDFLY was available for pre-ordering and pulled the trigger on one for myself. It seems there may be some now in stock as I just received mine on Saturday. The following photos show the retail packaging of the Celio REDFLY Mobile Companion.

Back of the box

As you can see, the retail packaging is quite nice with the phrase, "Because your business shouldn't live in a 2" x 2" world." The box is very sturdy and on the back there is a long list of what you can do with the REDFLY and the specifications of the device.

The full retail box includes the REDFLY Mobile Companion, power supply, installation CD, Quick Start Guide, and registration card. As you can see in the photo it is all packed in there very well to keep the device safe and protected during shipping.

Opening the box

I also linked to the press release about Windows Mobile 6.1 support being developed, but I am happy to report that I loaded up the latest driver on my upgraded HTC Advantage and the REDFLY connects and works like a champ. I also downloaded and installed the driver to my T-Mobile Shadow and that works very well too. The OTA driver is only available for the touch screen devices, but installing via the .exe file from my Fujitsu U810 installs the non-touch screen driver. Neither of these two devices is yet on the officially supported list, but they both work just fine. The Shadow's Neo interface doesn't really work (and I wouldn't expect it to) and you do have to use the two soft keys buttons, the arrow keys, and the enter key on the REDFLY for navigation since the right and left mouse buttons don't work yet for non-touch screen devices. However, everything else works well and text input is much easier with the large keyboard.

REDFLY ready to go

I look forward to testing the Celio REDFLY Mobile Companion out more with these two devices and future Windows Mobile devices. I plan to write on my daily train commute and even use the REDFLY for most of my viewing with my devices connected via Bluetooth carried in my bag. The display on the REDFLY works very well in direct sunlight too, which is where many device display fail.