Cerbernet extends ADSL trial

Second phase of Cerbernet's ADSL trial is announced

Internet service provider Cerbernet has announced the second phase of its ADSL trial in Britain.

Cerbernet will provide ADSL connectivity to a further 50 businesses, BT's maximum allocation for each service provider. The first phase of the company's trial began in early 1999 and the full national rollout is expected in March 2000.

The company said that it had received "thousands of enquiries" for its 2Mbit/sec service since the start of the trial in April. It has now set up an online availability tool which automatically checks whether a customer's local exchange supports ADSL.

Cerbernet stresses that although ADSL is particularly suited to small to medium sized businesses, it "would recommend direct leased line access for Internet content providers and larger corporate networks," according to technical director Justin Keery.

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