CES 2012: 10 Facebook Platform integrations

Here are 10 companies and their announces at CES 2012 that integrate the Facebook Platform. You've likely already heard of some of them, but others may surprise you.
Written by Emil Protalinski, Contributor

Facebook may not have its own physical products to show at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year, but that doesn't mean the company isn't there in full force. Not only will the social networking giant be streaming live from CES 2012 later today, but it has also already underlined some integrations of the Facebook Platform other companies have made at the expo.

I've already covered two of them: CES 2012: Kodak tries to use Facebook as life support and CES 2012: Mercedes-Benz friends Facebook. Now here are eight more:

  • DIRECTV: DIRECTV is enabling social discovery of programs and movies on the television. Through Facebook Platform, people can see what friends are watching and tune in to those shows, or record for later.
  • IntoNow: A new one-touch experience lets people share the TV shows they're watching with friends on Facebook. While watching TV, people can use the IntoNow iPhone app and identify the shows they're watching by analyzing the audio signal, and then share with friends back on Facebook.
  • Slacker: Slacker Radio makes it easy for friends to discover and listen to music with each other from the web or mobile devices.
  • Snapstick: Snapstick's app for Facebook Timeline makes it easy for people to play, watch video, listen to music, and channel surf with friends through streaming web content on their TVs.
  • Trident: Trident brings people's friends to media navigation. Through Trident, people can see what shows are playing and the content their friends have liked and commented on.
  • U-verse: The U-verse social TV app integrates with Facebook Platform to enable U-verse TV customers to share the shows they've liked and also see what their Facebook friends have liked and watched.
  • Xbox: People can share games achievements, the shows they are watching or the music they're listening to from media apps, and pictures taken from their Kinect device, with their friends back to Facebook.
  • Zeebox: Zeebox's new app enables people to share what they're watching on TV in real time with friends on Facebook, and post the shows they watch to their Timeline.

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