CES: Mobile devices get updates with few new product announcements

There hasn't been a lot of major breaking news in the mobile device arena at CES, but a few devices have seen upgrades that make them more compelling and desirable. OQO announced the Model 02, Nokia announced the N800 and N65, and Palm announced the Treo 750.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I am still writing for Geek.com since I can cover a broader spectrum of products than I do on the Mobile Gadgeteer so if you are interested feel free to check out everything I have been doing on the Geek.com CES 2007 page. In regards to mobile technology, devices, and services there have been a few new products announced, but most have been refinements to existing products.

OQO announced the Model 02 that is now Vista capable with its 1.5GHz Via processor and updated specifications. I played with the device a few times and the more I touch and learn about it the more I want to place my own preorder for the device. The keyboard is now backlit, there is a very cool docking station available, you can get Sprint EV-DO service on the device, and much more. Most every gadget person I have chatted with has loved the device and many are buying them now. I like the thumb keyboard option and the touch mouse navigation button works very well so this may replace my Samsung Q1 UMPC in the next couple months.

Treo 750
Nokia also announced an improved product with their Nokia N800 Internet Tablet that improves on the specs of the N770 device. This latest model has an integrated VGA camera that pops right out on the left side. The form factor is much improved and is a pleasure to hold. It has an integrated stand too so you can prop it up and watch videos or work on it. The N800 is available now for US$399 and I was close to pulling the trigger after I had a chance to play with it, but I need to show restraint and evaluate whether I really need another device to browse the web.

Nokia did announce a new device that looks to rival the Motorola RAZR form factor with the Nokia N76. The N76 is expected to start shipping in the first quarter for 390 Euros, but no availability for the U.S. was revealed.

The rumored Treo 750 from Cingular was finally officially announced. The 750 is the first Windows Mobile GSM Treo device available in the U.S. at a cost of US$399.99 with activation and service.

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