ChatGPT is getting a slew of updates this week. Here's what you need to know

These updates could improve your entire ChatGPT workflow.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
ChatGPT logo on a phone resting on a keyboard
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Out of the many AI chatbots, Bing Chat has been leading with updates as new ones are released on almost a weekly basis. However, ChatGPT may be closing the gap with many highly anticipated upgrades on the horizon. 

Logan Kilpatrick, who works in developer relations at OpenAI, shared on X, previously Twitter, a list of new ChatGPT features slated to be released this week. 

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Per the X post, these features include example prompts, suggested replies, GPT-4 by default, uploading multiple files into Code Interpreter for beta users, staying logged in, and keyboard shortcuts. 

Many of these features have already been available on Bing Chat, including suggested replies, GPT-4 by default, and staying logged in, and they have been highly anticipated on ChatGPT. 

These features will all make using ChatGPT a more seamless experience, from logging in and figuring out the perfect prompt all the way through the improved output quality by leveraging GPT-4. 

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For example, instead of staring at a blank screen and not knowing what to ask ChatGPT to do, you can use the example prompts. Then, you can follow up with a series of suggested replies that will automatically populate to make your information-seeking experience easier. 

The Decoder shared a screenshot of the suggested answers feature, reporting that it is already available in ChatGPT. However, I could not access this feature, and per Kilpatrick's post, it seems to be coming soon.

Nonetheless, the photo helps visualize what the feature will look like. 

ChatGPT suggested response screenshot

Not having to sign in every time will also be a time saver and productivity enhancer, as remembering which account you used to log in with and then recalling your credentials can be time-consuming. 

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