Chief digital officers emerge in business transformation efforts

Chief information and technology officers still lead the pack in Constellation Research's Business Transformation 150- list, but digital and innovation specialists have gained footing.

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Chief digital officers are increasingly driving business transformation efforts, but chief information and technology officers lead the pack, according to a Constellation Research's list of 150 influential executives.

Constellation Research compiled a list of 150 executives leading the business transformation charge across a variety of sectors. The Business Transformation 150 aims to find executives able to help companies navigate various disruptive technologies and shifts.

What jumped out was the popularity of chief digital officer (CDO) as a title. CDOs surfaced a few years ago , but there was a good bit of debate about whether the title would stick.

A look at the Constellation Research BT150 list highlights the following title breakdown:

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CDOs were the second highest title, with chief marketers at 7.48 percent. Chief innovation officer is also an emerging title to note.

By industry, manufacturing was the industry represented the most with 24 percent of the BT150. That reality isn't that surprising given manufacturing is the sector with the most to gain from Internet of Things, big data, and technology projects. Retail and financial services accounted for 20 percent of the BT150.



(Image: Constellation Research)

In addition, 76 percent of the BT150 executives were male and 86 percent of the list was based in North America.


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