China's Weibo launches Web-based household appliance

Seen a push toward its goal to offer Internet of Things services, the Chinese microblogging service teams up with home appliance maker, Hisense, to launch an air-conditioner which can be controlled via the Internet.

China's Sina Weibo and Hisense, a local home appliance maker, have launched an air-conditioner that can be switched on and off via the Web, and that can interact with users on the Chinese microblogging service.

According to a 36kr report, the announcement is part of Weibo's bid to offer Internet of Things services to its more than 500 million subscribers. 

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With this launch, Weibo users can link their account to the Hisense air-conditioner, check the indoor temperature, as well as turn the system on and off using an app they can download on their smartphone. The air-conditioner can also detect abnormalities and send messages to the Weibo account. 

Authorized subscribers can check the system's operation status, environmental data, and give orders such as setting the air-conditioner to run at a certain temperature before they make their way home. 

This integration between the machine and Weibo platform is seen as part of Sina's bold ambition of establishing a foothold in China's still-fledgling Internet of Things and smart-appliance market. 

During the Global Mobile Internet Conference held in Beijing this May, Sina demoed its "Sina Weather Station", a Weibo-based platform which connects home appliances to Weibo accounts and allows users to monitor air conditions on their smartphones, noted 36kr in a separate report.