Chrome for Mac to get extensions by "week's end"

Over 500 extensions are currently available for Google Chrome and they'll be coming the Mac version of Chrome by "week's end."
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor on

On Tuesday Google released Chrome for the Mac but somewhat underwhelmed users (me especially) with its lack of support for extensions.

These little bits of code (Web pages, actually) allow users to extend the functionality of a Web browser by adding new features like translation, sharing and checking an email account.

TechCrunch reports that over 500 Chrome extensions are currently available, and that they'll be available for the Mac version of Chrome by "week's end." Translation: any time between tomorrow and Sunday.

But there's a catch:

To be clear, this will be on the dev channel (which you can find on this page) and not the beta channel just yet. Full support (and the first actual release of Chrome for Mac) is expected by early 2010.

So it remains to be seen exactly when or even how we'll be able to use said extensions on the Mac, but the news is promising nonetheless.

Personally I can't switch to Chrome until it works with Agile's 1Password.

Hardcore 1Password fans can use 1Password 3's new Logins Bookmarklet feature to create a 1Password bookmarklet in Safari that contains your Logins, then import your Safari bookmarks into Chrome. This blog post explains how to set it up.

What's your take on Chrome? Are you going to adopt it as your primary browser?

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