Cisco launches Empowered Branch kit

The routing specialist is to release networking gear designed for offices with under 20 workers

Cisco has revealed a range of products geared towards enterprise branch offices.

Under the "Empowered Branch" banner, the range includes the updated 1861 Integrated Services Router and new Catalyst 2960 series switches, as well as modules for intrusion prevention and IOS performance routing.

"We are going into a space where we're talking about less than 20 employees," said Cisco Europe's technology marketing manager, Philipp Hausner. "A lot of products were addressing more than 20, but now we're going into a much smaller environment and offering the same capability to drill down, but in a very compact format and very interesting packaging."

Hausner claimed that Cisco has already sold three million of its integrated services routers — which recently gained a 3G connectivity option — and one million of its 2960 series switches.

The company's latest branch-focused equipment should be available to customers within the next couple of weeks.